Children saved
from malnutrition
Farmers trained
in best practices
Haitian workers
employed in
our factory
anemic school
children treated with
MFK products
Our Mission

Meds & Food for Kids is dedicated to meeting the essential nutritional needs of malnourished children, pregnant and nursing women and school children using Ready-to-Use-Therapeutic Foods (RUTFs) produced in our factory in Cap-Haitien, Haiti.

By transferring skills and knowledge to our Haitian workers and engaging farmers to source local raw materials, we break the cycle of poverty and sustainably stimulate economic development.
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Children saved from malnutrition
Farmers trained in best practices
Haitian workers employed in our factory
anemic school children treated with MFK products
Photo collection encompassing Meds & Food for Kids focus areas. A man in field for agriculture. A school aged girl eating our product for nutrition. An MFK employee in factory for job focus. Pregnant woman on scale with nurse assisting for prenatal care.
"I’ve worked on many (some very large) programmes in my time at the World Bank, but that grant to MFK in 2007 might be the one that has achieved the most impact, over the long-term."
    PETER HOLLAND, Lead Education Specialist, World Bank
“My daughter couldn’t stand or walk because she was so sick… I came here and they gave her the Mamba and she started to get better… I see her improving every day”
“We have a total of 300 students and we serve the kids Vita Mamba everyday to keep them healthy”
“Employment has really meant a lot to me…I can provide for myself 100% with my salary and…it really has helped me and my family”
JEAN ALEX PIERRE, Production Supervisor
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Meds & Food for Kids Joins the Alliance to End Hunger

For more information contact:

Maggie Probert, Chief Advancement Officer

(314) 630-2119


Meds & Food for Kids is pleased to join the Alliance to End Hunger as a member. Our vision and work epitomize the UN Sustainable Development Goal 2 “To end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.”  “As such, partnership with the Alliance seems perfectly matched to enhance the work of both organizations,” states Chris Greene, CEO of Meds & Food for Kids.

Meds & Food for Kids’ four-pronged approach to treating hunger and malnutrition aligns perfectly with the Alliance’s efforts to solve the root causes of hunger. The coalition of members includes other non-profits, faith-based organizations, corporations and private businesses, universities and foundations, among others, all working to build the public and political will to end hunger at home and abroad.

“We feel that the Alliance to End Hunger will be an invaluable partner as MFK seeks to end malnutrition in Haiti and around the world,” stated Greene. We look forward to working with our partners in the Alliance to Save Lives and Give Hope.

November 9, 2022
Smart Giving Today & Tomorrow
Smart Giving Today & Tomorrow


Using an IRA for Charitable Giving today is a great way to reduce taxes today while supporting charitable organizations, such as Meds & Food for Kids (MFK).

You can make a gift directly from your IRA, called a “Qualified Charitable Distribution” (QCD), which you can do starting from when you turn age 70 1⁄2, if you are no longer working and contributing to an IRA.

A Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) is an otherwise taxable distribution from your IRA that is paid directly from your IRA to a qualified charity, such as Meds & Food for Kids. Your QCD can satisfy all or part of your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) from your IRA.


When you make a QCD to Meds & Food for Kids, you will still report the distribution on your tax return, however, the “taxable amount” will be less the amount of your gift. Note, you do not get a charitable deduction as the QCD has already been taken out of your income. A QCD also reduces your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) upon which many other tax items and Medicare payments are based.

These materials were prepared for informational purposes only based on materials deemed reliable, but the accuracy of which has not been independently verified. You should consult with an appropriately credentialed professional before making any financial, investment, tax or legal decision. These materials do not take into consideration your personal circumstances, financial or otherwise.

Prepared by Sward Team of the Moneta Group | 314.244.3301 | swardteam@monetagroup.com

For more information, contact Maggie Probert, mprobert@mfkhaiti.org.

November 2, 2022
Fitting Award for MFK’s Great Champion, Howard Smotkin

Smotkin received this year’s Pro Bono Award posthumously for his pro bono lawyer for Meds & Food for Kids, an organization that addresses malnutrition in Haiti. When the organization was founded, Smotkin voluntarily handled the legal work in setting up the nonprofit, getting its tax-exempt status, overseeing construction contracts, advising on employment issues at both the St. Louis and Haiti facilities, and more.

Smotkin was the “voice of common sense and reason” for Meds & Food for Kids for nearly 20 years and was instrumental in building it from the ground up, said Hon. Michael W. Wolff, who nominated Smotkin for the award. Wolff is a retired Supreme Court of Missouri judge and professor emeritus and former dean of Saint Louis University School of Law.

“This remarkable organization in large part owes its existence and its ability to render its services to Howard Smotkin, who truly has been the organization’s unpaid and essential ‘wise man.’” Wolff said. “He has been for this Meds & Food for Kids organization – as he has for many of his regular clients – a true hero, a great model for the kind of servant-leaders and generous professionals that we want lawyers to be.”

Click here to learn more about annual awards presented by The Missouri Bar, The Missouri Bar Foundation, and other entities. Read here for other 2022 award winners.

October 28, 2022