Children saved
from malnutrition
Farmers trained
in best practices
Haitian workers
employed in
our factory
anemic school
children treated with
MFK products
Our Mission

Meds & Food for Kids is dedicated to meeting the essential nutritional needs of malnourished children, pregnant and nursing women and school children using Ready-to-Use-Therapeutic Foods (RUTFs) produced in our factory in Cap-Haitien, Haiti.

By transferring skills and knowledge to our Haitian workers and engaging farmers to source local raw materials, we break the cycle of poverty and sustainably stimulate economic development.
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Children saved from malnutrition
Farmers trained in best practices
Haitian workers employed in our factory
anemic school children treated with MFK products
Photo collection encompassing Meds & Food for Kids focus areas. A man in field for agriculture. A school aged girl eating our product for nutrition. An MFK employee in factory for job focus. Pregnant woman on scale with nurse assisting for prenatal care.
“Because our farms have improved we are better able to take care of our families…we eat better and send our children to school… we are working to build a better life.”
“My daughter couldn’t stand or walk because she was so sick… I came here and they gave her the Mamba and she started to get better… I see her improving every day”
“We have a total of 300 students and we serve the kids Vita Mamba everyday to keep them healthy”
“Employment has really meant a lot to me…I can provide for myself 100% with my salary and…it really has helped me and my family”
JEAN ALEX PIERRE, Production Supervisor
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A Reflection from Suzanne Langlois

I’ve had the privilege of serving as MFK’s Interim CEO for the past year, and will return to my position as a board member on July 1. Working side by side with our staff in Haiti, touring the lands of farmers who sell MFK their peanuts, sitting with moms holding their toddlers in malnutrition clinics - during these past 12 months I bore witness to stories that aren’t regularly told. 

We hear one prevailing narrative about Haiti: It is a dangerous, troubled country.

But it is, of course, so much more. 

It’s a place full of streetside entrepreneurs and moonlight drummers. A place where handpainted tap-taps share the road with racing motorbikes and market carts. A place whose many female farmers opt for skirts and flip flops in the fields. The stories behind these observations form just a few pages of a narrative that’s legion, untold to most of the world outside of Haiti.

I also learned a new story about MFK’s factory. Yes, it’s a powerhouse manufacturer of Medika Mamba. But it’s also a place that transcends transactional labor, a physical space that fosters a sense of family. It is a place where fun times, like Christmas Eve lunch and hymns, happen. And it’s a place where, in times of greatest distress, co-workers band together to help one another cope. 

My heartfelt thanks go out to MFK’s board members for their faith in me, to our donors for their support of our mission, and to our staff and partners for sharing the stories of their lives with me. My year serving as the interim head of MFK is coming to an end, but my understanding of Haiti has only just begun. 

June 29, 2022
Join us in the Pursuit of a Brighter Future
Join us in the Pursuit of a Brighter Future

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Dear Friends,

No child should die of malnutrition. Yet one in five Haitian children is malnourished and one in fourteen will die before their fifth birthday. With 18 years of experience in Haiti, our team remains committed to joining hands with Haitian parents and caregivers to treat Haitian children like Brina. With your continued partnership, we can make sure every Haitian child receives the therapeutic food needed to reverse severe malnutrition and get a second chance to thrive.

Thank you for your continued investment in the future of Haiti.

Mesi Anpil,

Suzanne Langlois

Interim Chief Executive Officer


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June 29, 2022
MFK Staff Attend PlumpyField Network Meetings

From May 17th to May 25th, Suzanne Langlois, Interim CEO, and Remenson Tenor, Director of Manufacturing Operations, attended two strategic meetings in Rouen, France organized by Nutriset for the PlumpyField network partners. 

The PlumpyField network includes the 11 independent producers who, like MFK, manufacture ready-to-use nutritional food, used for the treatment and prevention of malnutrition. MFK has been part of this network since 2010. Like MFK, most of these producers are located right in the countries where they are most needed: Sudan, Ethiopia, Niger, Nigeria, Burkina Fasso, Madagascar, and Guinea. By producing these products locally, we sustainably contribute to the social and economic development of our countries and to the fight against malnutrition.

Usually, the PlumpyField network organizes a yearly meeting for partners to focus on key challenges and define the strategic plan for the network’s coming year. However, due to the pandemic, the meeting has been postponed since 2019. Given that the network has not met for a very long time, we had two sessions. The first meeting was the market seminar in which all members came together to reflect on the current issues such as competition, new product development, the customers/clients’ needs/expectations, and global supply chain issues. The second meeting covered the network’s needs, challenges, and common issues that we are facing.  

June 22, 2022