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Our Mission

Meds & Food for Kids is dedicated to meeting the essential nutritional needs of malnourished children, pregnant and nursing women and school children using Ready-to-Use-Therapeutic Foods (RUTFs) produced in our factory in Cap-Haitien, Haiti.

By transferring skills and knowledge to our Haitian workers and engaging farmers to source local raw materials, we break the cycle of poverty and sustainably stimulate economic development.
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Children saved from malnutrition
Farmers trained in best practices
Haitian workers employed in our factory
anemic school children treated with MFK products
Photo collection encompassing Meds & Food for Kids focus areas. A man in field for agriculture. A school aged girl eating our product for nutrition. An MFK employee in factory for job focus. Pregnant woman on scale with nurse assisting for prenatal care.
"I’ve worked on many (some very large) programmes in my time at the World Bank, but that grant to MFK in 2007 might be the one that has achieved the most impact, over the long-term."
    PETER HOLLAND, Lead Education Specialist, World Bank
“My daughter couldn’t stand or walk because she was so sick… I came here and they gave her the Mamba and she started to get better… I see her improving every day”
“We have a total of 300 students and we serve the kids Vita Mamba everyday to keep them healthy”
“Employment has really meant a lot to me…I can provide for myself 100% with my salary and…it really has helped me and my family”
JEAN ALEX PIERRE, Production Supervisor
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MFK Staff Spotlight: Meet Yves

Meds & Food for Kids welcomes Yves, who joined the MFK Haiti team in August as Agriculture Program Manager!

Yves has a lifelong passion for farming and agriculture, and for program implementation.  He brings to the team a wealth of experience with more than 7 years in the field, as well as a 5 year degree in Agronomy.

During the next growing season in Haiti, Yves will lead the MFK agricultural team in training new cohorts of farmers.  He looks forward to growing the extension training program in more communities, and developing new opportunities to support MFK's Champion Farmers who supply local peanuts for producing lifesaving therapeutic foods.

Yves shares his thoughts about working with Meds & Food for Kids, and a message for our donors and supporters:

"I'm happy to feel at home in the MFK family. We share our work together, and our joy. We go beyond inspiring our partners and farmers. We serve as a family.

Please remain encouraged, and know that your donations and support are truly appreciated. We are grateful for your partnership in valuing human beings in need.  Your support of MFK brings a change of conditions, hope and happiness. Thank you."

November 20, 2023
Meds & Food for Kids welcomes a Security Force to restore peace throughout Haiti
Meds & Food for Kids welcomes a Security Force to restore peace throughout Haiti

October 3, 2023
Contact: Maggie Probert 314-630-2119


Meds & Food for Kids applauds the United Nations' decision to approve a security force to help Haiti restore order and peace throughout the country with the full expectation that this is for the benefit of Haitians both now and into the future.

For more than 20 years Haitians have managed the Meds & Food for Kids factory in Cap-Haitien manufacturing and distributing life-saving therapeutic treatments for severely malnourished children and women. The therapeutic foods have treated nearly 900,000 people in 18 countries, including Haiti.

Remenson Tenor, Director of Manufacturing and Factory Operations said, “The increased gang violence in Haiti over the last couple of years, has made me wonder if this is the country I grew up in. I don't even recognize this country anymore. We need all the help possible to end the violence. A foreign intervention might be the solution, but it must be different from before. This time it must include civil society and benefit everyone. The people must be part of the solution," Tenor remarked.

Chris Greene, Meds and Foods for Kids’ CEO, stated, "We look forward to seeing meaningful action that strengthens Haiti for all the people, both now and into the future.” Greene added that “Meds & Food for Kids looks forward to working with Kenya, other UN members and all parties to meet the urgent needs of the Haitian people so that children and families once again flourish in Haiti.”

“We know the resilience and determination of the Haitian people. Our Haitian team wants peace in their communities, and we stand with them,” Greene added. "We pledge to support efforts to restore peace to the Pearl of the Antilles."

October 3, 2023
Mamba Miracles: Meet Judeson

MFK's Medika Mamba therapeutic food has treated more than 600,000 infants and children. Haitian clinics treat sick, starving children with little chance of survival. We don't give up on these children! We treat them with Medika Mamba and they grow stronger and healthier.

Meet 1-year old Judeson, who weighed just over half of the average 1 year-old at only 13.4lbs. He had been sick for a few months with fever and kwashiorkor, a condition caused by severe malnutrition and protein deficiency. Judeson was also struggling with hair loss and a rash as a result of his poor health.

Judeson's mother traveled 6 hours by foot, motorcycle, and taxi to reach the clinic. She stayed with him at the clinic as he received Medika Mamba. Over 9 weeks, Judeson grew healthier, his skin cleared and he gained weight to reach 16.3lbs!

Everyday, MFK's donors and supporters save children like Judeson. We are grateful to everyone who comes together to rescue the next generation from hunger. Because of you, we are saving lives and transforming futures in Haiti and across the globe.

September 18, 2023