Facilities Maintenance Manager



Reports to:

The Director of Manufacturing Operations(DMO)

About the Job

The facilities Maintenance Manager (FMM) is responsible to ensure all buildings, power systems (such as generators and solar), water systems and material handling equipment are in safe and functional order. He or she will also act as subject matter expect and/or project manager for small and medium projects implementation while engaging with external consultants, vendors, and MFK executive committee president for facilities, as needed.


The Facility Maintenance Manager (FMM) is expected to ensure that MFK facilities meet and comply with the ISO/TS 22002-1:2019 which contains the pre-requisite programs(PRPs) for food manufacturing. The function of FMM will manage the followings:

Construction and layout of buildings:

-      The FMM is expected to conduct an assessment of the existing buildings to ensure compliance with the ISO standards and make recommendation to management on where there is no compliance.

-      The FMM will ensure that the surrounding of our establishment does not cause a source of cross contamination by establishing a robust pest control program and ground keeping.  

Layout of premises, including workspace (lab, warehouses etc.) and employee facilities (bathrooms):

-      The FMM is responsible to make that MFK has the most updated version of the plans and layout of the buildings and facilities.

-      Under the supervision of the Director of Manufacturing Operations, the FMM will define the Pre-requisite Program (PRP) for layout of premises.

-      He or She will be responsible to create an inspection/maintenance program that ensure compliance with the PRP for layout of premises.

Supplies of air, water, energy, and other utilities:

-      The FMM will work closely with NUTRISET and selected vendors to ensure that our current HVAC system meets UNICEF requirement for positive air pressure.

-      In Collaboration with Manufacturing Maintenance Manager, the FMM will identify the best RO system needed for our water circuit.

-      MFK generates its own energy (electricity and steam),therefore, the FMM will be responsible for the maintenance and operation of the generators and the solar system.

Supporting services, including waste and sewage disposal:

-      The FMM will work closely with the Quality Assurance Manager (QAM) to create a robust waste management program that prioritize recycling where possible.

-      He or She will define a waste characterization matrix that allow us to know the type and characteristic of waste generated at our facilities.

-      The FMM will review our current waste water stream (Sanitary and Process water) to ensure there is compliance with food manufacturing standards.

Other additional responsibilities:

-      Projects: Where possible, the FMM will act as project manager at MFK while liaise with external vendors, contractors, and board members to facilitate full implementation of projects.  


Education: The FMM should have a bachelor’s degree in engineering (Civil/Mechanical preferably),business management, facilities management, or any related field.

Experience: At least five years of experience in facility maintenance, or construction and building.

Special Qualifications:

The FMM should demonstrate good understanding of the technical features of electrical, solar, plumbing, water catchment, woodwork, concrete, drainage, pumps, filters, machine maintenance and building structure, design and codes.


Cap-Haïtien, Haiti

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