Sales & Operations Planning Manager

The S&OP manager is part of the organization’s senior leadership team and has the overall responsibility for the S&OP function including the development of a sales and operating planning system. The incumbent will oversee sales and customer relations, supply chain management and procurement, and human resources.

Reports to:

The Chief Executive Officer

Immediate Subordinates:

Human Resource Manager

Supply Chain Manager

Customer Relations Manager


1.    S&OP

a.  Develop a Sales and Operating Planning (S & OP) system for the organization in close communication with key members of the senior management team and sales personnel.

b.  Implement the S & OP system once approved.

c.  Transfer S & OP to ERP system once the ERP system is in place.

2.    Oversight of Customer Relationship Management and Sales

a.  Manage the Customer Relations management function, providing guidance on relationship-building and proactive outreach.

b.  Oversee and coordinate product delivery/ pickup to ensure timely invoicing and payment.

c.  Take ownership of the Tender and LTA processes with large international humanitarian customers, coordinating on-time, accurate RFPs and LTA applications with inputs from across the organization.

d.  Drive increased sales.

3.    Oversight of Supply Chain Logistics and Procurement  

a.  Oversee the Supply chain and logistics function ensuring that all raw materials are ordered in time.

b.  RM shipments arrive as planned.

c.  Export of products are realized inline with customer expectations.

d.  Quality validation and certification of vendors is always adhered to.

e.  Data and tracking are always being input on a timely basis and are up to date.

4.   Oversight of Human Resources

a.  Oversee the recruitment and selection process.

b.  Ensure employment recordkeeping meets the highest management system standards.

c.  Ensure the development and awareness of and adherence to clear HR policies.

d.  Oversee the management of conflict mediation among staff and neutral and fair application of disciplinary procedures.

e.  Ensure staff development, coaching, counselling, and training are in place and occurring as needed to move the organization forward.

5.    Managerial Leadership

a.  Build an empowered and engaged organization adhering to the organization’s core mission and culture with ongoing training and functioning of our Management System.

b.  Enhance the effectiveness of the organization through appropriate recruitment, development, and management of people considering budgetary restraints.

c.  Assign clear and tangible goals. Discuss the planning options with direct reports seeking their suggestions. Assign clear and tangible tasks with specific smart goals.

d.  Set context for direct reports on a regular basis, providing the larger picture within which they are working.

e.  Manage task assignment and personal effectiveness appraisal within Haiti and respective teams.

f.   Provide frequent, accurate, specific and timely feedback.

g.  Coach individuals and teams to ensure an integrated and collaborative effort to competently service customers.

h.  Engage in the training and development of team members and manage succession plans.

i.    Foster process improvement and cross-functional collaboration.


Education: At the minimum, the successful candidate should have a bachelors/license in Business Administration, and/or Accounting or Supply Chain Logistics.

Experience: At least 5 years’ management level work experience including in supply chain, sales and / or human resource management.

  • Strong quantitative skills.
  • Negotiating skills.
  • Microsoft Office proficient, especially Excel.
  • Ability to train and provide direction to subordinates.
  • Ability to train and provide direction to subordinates.
  • Ability to read and write French and English.
  • Effective consultation, communication and problem-solving skills.


Cap-Haïtien, Haiti

To apply, please send CV to Brusly Saint Louis and LaurenPlummer at and