Logo image with child, farmer, nurse and factory worker
Saves the life of one severely malnourished child in Haiti
infant child on scale at clinic
Buys 70 LB of local peanuts for use in our nutritious foods
Group of a mother and several children at a malnutrition clinic
Supplements the diets of five school children with Vita Mamba for the 160-day school year
Nurse with mother at prenatal clinic
Provides Mamba Djanm to six poorly nourished pregnant and nursing mothers for six months
Haitian schoolchildren cheering in classroom
Supplies 510 gallons of diesel for use in our factory generators and vehicles
Mother and child at clinic
Provides one month of necessary lab supplies to our quality assurance team
Woman carrying box of Medika Mamba product on head
Pays the annual salary of one Haitian agricultural training technician
Aerial view of downtown Cap-Haitien and water
Any amount you choose will help us provide nutritious foods to malnourished children and create more opportunities for a better standard of living for families in Haiti.