Dear Friends,

MFK has set an urgent goal to expand our Vita Mamba school snack program and reach more hungry school children who don't get a nutritious meal at home.  We need your help to continue making this impactful investment that can literally change a generation of Haitians.

UNICEF recently reported that malnutrition in Haiti could potentially double in the coming year. 4.4 million people are estimated to be food insecure, including 1.9 million children, according to Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) estimates.  Though the statistics are daunting, MFK has already done the hard work of developing a solution. Our Vita Mamba school snack fuels young bodies and brains to learn, and offers a chance to escape the cycle of malnutrition.  

Your generous donations have allowed us to save so many children in past years, and we count on you to help us reach even more this year.  Your support will provide transformational change for a child, their family and their community.