We’re committed to upholding the highest standards of ethics when it comes to donor privacy and our corporate responsibilities. You can read about them here.

Meds & Food for Kids maintains the highest level of respect for the privacy of its donors. In furtherance of our commitment to honor your rights, we have developed this Donor Privacy Policy to guide our volunteers and staff on how they may and may not use your personal information. This policy may be updated.
What Information We Collect
Meds & Food for Kids collects and uses various personal information from donors that includes: amount donated, address, telephone number, donor comments and email address. Tax laws in the United States require Meds & Food for Kids to keep contact information and contribution level of donors on file. This information is entered into a secure and encrypted online database. Any paper documents received are destroyed upon data entry.
How We Use That Information
Meds & Food for Kids will never publish, sell, trade, rent or share names (unless released for publication), e-mail or mail addresses, or telephone numbers or our donors. Meds & Food for Kids will use contact information (e-mail telephone number and address) of donors for these purposes only:

• Distribute receipts for donations
• Thank donors for their donation
• Inform donors about upcoming fundraising and other activities of Meds & Food for Kids
• Internal analysis and record keeping
• Reporting to relevant U.S. and State agencies (these reports are not for public inspection)
• Contact donors about changes to this policy

However, properly anonymized donor information is used for promotional and fundraising activities. We allow donors to remain anonymous if they so choose. When donating online, the donor’s name will be publicly associated with their donation unless the donor explicitly chooses the “anonymous” field when making their online donation.
Financial Information 
All access to donor financial information is strictly limited to professional staff who need to access the data. No data is given to any person, organization or group who does not need to access such data.

Meds & Food for Kids only uses online payment processing services with world class security and strong reputations. Meds & Food for Kids does not store, or have access to your credit card information, bank account numbers, or other account data sent to those processing services.

Meds & Food for Kids uses Blackbaud Merchant Services for online payment processing. Their full privacy policy can be found by visiting:https://www.blackbaud.com/company/privacy-policy/north-america
If you have questions about this Donor Privacy Policy or if you wish to be removed from our e-mail/postal contact lists, please email info@mfkhaiti.org or write to: Meds & Food for Kids, 8050 Watson Road, Ste. 355, St. Louis, MO 63119, USA.

Meds & Food for Kids (MFK) commits to the highest level of corporate citizenship. MFK adheres to environmental policies that enable a safe, healthful workplace, protecting the environment, conserving energy and natural resources. MFK also adheres to social responsibility policies, which are rooted in service and integrity and entail treating all people with respect and dignity, thereby ensuring the wellbeing of both women and men in its workforce and within the community. Finally, MFK adheres to economic policies, which focus on providing career opportunities, resources and professional development to MFK’s Haitian employees by transferring technical skills leading to enterprise responsibility and management in the organization. MFK strives to model the potential and possibility for economic development in Haiti by setting an example for other investors.

Meds & Food for Kids (MFK) is committed to the development of Haiti, and as such, will pursue an economic growth policy in all of its  activities. MFK provides local jobs, buys local raw materials and other support materials for its production and facility, and seeks to be a role model for successful operation of a social enterprise in Haiti. The organization is committed to and will:

• Provide fairly compensated employment opportunities to as many Haitian workers as possible
• Be a leader in the community, with fair, honest, and transparent  practices
• Endeavor to purchase needed materials and services locally, whenever possible
• Endeavor to hire local contractors for construction or maintenance projects whenever possible
• Operate its facility sustainably, to protect people, society, and the environment now and into the future

Promptly correct any practice or condition not in compliance with this policy.

Meds & Food for Kids (MFK) recognizes the need to protect the natural environment. MFK provides policies that enable a safe, healthful workplace, protect the environment, and conserve energy and natural resources. With these policies in place, we believe that we can achieve a healthy and safe environment. We are committed to and will:

• Provide a safe and healthful workplace and ensure that personnel are properly trained with the appropriate safety and emergency equipment.
• Be an environmentally responsible neighbor in the community where we operate, and correct incidents or conditions that endanger health, safety, or the environment.
• This includes, but is not limited to:
• Treating the drinking water at the facility and minimizing groundwater use whenever possible
• Managing the facility’s wastewater in a responsible manner
• Minimizing carbon emissions by subsidizing the use of public transport and carpooling with our employees
• Using solar energy to generate 70% of the factory’s electricity needs
• Develop and improve operations and technologies to minimize waste and other pollution, encourage recycling, minimize health and safety risks, and dispose of waste safely and responsibly.
• Embark on a solar power program that allows us to produce most of the needed power for our facilities from solar energy, helping us reduce emissions. 
• Incorporate soil erosion techniques, water conservation, and aflatoxin training in farmer training programs to ensure a healthy future for Haiti and its agricultural communities.

Promptly correct any practice or condition not in compliance with this policy.


If you have questions about our policies or if you wish to be removed from our e-mail/postal contact lists, please contact us via:


Meds & Food for Kids,
8050 Watson Road, Ste. 355,
St. Louis, MO 63119, USA
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