45 Farmers Graduate MFK’s Farmer Training Program

From MFK's Agriculture Program Manager, James M. Blanc
August 10, 2021

Even as Haiti plunged deeper into crisis after the assassination of the president on July 7th,  Meds & Food for Kids’ commitment to be by the side of the most vulnerable remained unchanged. From training healthcare workers to treat malnutrition, providing school kids with nutritious snacks to prevent malnutrition, to teaching farmers how to improve the quality and quantity of their crop yield, MFK has always stood by the most vulnerable people in Haiti. 

On July 18th, 2021 the MFK Agriculture team proudly graduated a group of peanut farmers from two local communities in the North of Haiti: Savane Longue and Prevoyance. 45 farmers proudly crossed the stage to receive their certificates. These farmers were trained by MFK agronomists on a wide variety of topics including soil preparation, soil conservation, and erosion, crop rotation and mixed garden, aflatoxin control pre and post-harvest. The training also included group discussion and technical in-field activities.

The ceremony of recognition was held in the farmers’ community, in the presence of local authorities, MFK staff, and some local performers. James Blanc, MFK’s Agriculture Program Manager, spoke on behalf of MFK and highlighted the importance of this training for MFK and MFK’s long-term vision to see a better Haiti, with a stable economy, and trained farmers being able to not only increase their production but improve the quality as well. By increasing production and improving the quality of their products, they will make more money which in return can improve their livelihoods. 

Local authorities who spoke at the event thanked MFK for the long-time partnership between MFK and these small communities. “This training is so meaningful to us in the community, and this is one of the best things that could happen for us over the last 30 years”, claims Antoine Milhomme, the casec (member of the Board of Communal Secton) of Savane Longue. Jocelyn Desamours, a graduate from Prevoyance, spoke on behalf of all graduates and thanked MFK for putting forward all their resources available to train them, they learn a lot of new things and he promises that they will do a lot of things differently from the past. Mr. Desamours also thanked the MFK’s agronomists who crossed roadblocks, faced riots to come to train them. It was a great moment to share a meal together and recognize the hard work of these farmers to provide food on our plates and provide for their families.

What’s next for these farmers? MFK’s mission does not stop after the graduation of this group. The graduates will become part of MFK’s certified farmer’s network, and as members, they will be able to sell high-quality peanuts for MFK’s production of RUTF snacks to treat malnutrition. MFK will also continue to work in these communities by recruiting additional groups and expanding the program to nearby communities. This would not be possible without the help of our donors. We would like to take this time to thank everyone who has been helping this organization. Your generosity is helping to save lives in Haiti and strengthen the local economy.