A closer look: MFK Nutrition Clinics

December 7, 2023

Producing Medika Mamba RUTF is the first step in saving a starving child.

MFK’s Nurse Educator visits over a dozen clinics where children are treated for severe acute malnutrition.  For most of them, Medika Mamba is their only chance at a future.

As each child is assessed, mothers learn about nutrition and how to keep their families healthy.  The mothers then bring their children home with Medika Mamba, and return each week for 6-8 weeks.  During this time, most children are completely transformed and recovered.

A first look at a malnutrition clinic - a small building crowded with sick children and their mothers - can be overwhelming.

A closer look shows that these malnourished children CAN have a future.  Because of the need and in spite of the barriers, the Meds & Food for Kids team stands committed to saving children’s lives.