A Thank You from our CEO and Link to View to Gala

From MFK Interim CEO, Suzanne Langlois
February 22, 2022

 Dear Friends,

Thank you for attending Meds & Foods for Kids’ RaRa! The Strength and Spirit of Haiti Virtual Gala on February 19th. We are blown away by your generosity—you helped us raise $361,019 to support our programs in Haiti!

Chapo ba pou nou! Hats off to you

We thoroughly enjoyed spending time with you. You made RaRa a true celebration. 

On behalf of all of us at MFK, I’d like to reiterate our deepest gratitude to our Gala Sponsors and supporters. Your generosity enables us to serve undernourished children and mothers; to buy high-quality peanuts from smallholder farmers, and to provide jobs and opportunities to skilled women and men in Haiti. 

Although the event is over, we are still fundraising to reach our Gala goal of $500,000. If you were unable to attend, but would like to support the event, please donating on our website. No amount is too small! We also invite you to enjoy the presentation from Saturday, linked below and posted on our YouTube channel.

As we said in our concluding video, “We have learned that in the space between adversity and real change lies perseverance and hard work.” It is only with your support that we are able to carry on our work investing in the future of Haiti. 

Mèsi Anpil,

Suzanne Langlois

Interim CEO

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