Agriculture Intern Spotlight: Meet Guiler Israel‍

From MFK Agronomist and Agricultural Program Manager, James Blanc
September 21, 2022

As part of our agriculture program, Meds & Food for Kids provides opportunities for young graduates in Haiti to gain tangible experience in the agronomy field. For the next few months, our intern Guiler Israel will be learning about our research method, farmer training, peanut purchases, and more. We are grateful to have him as part of the team!

Meet Guiler Israel:

What did you study, and what school did you go to?

I studied agronomy at the Henry Christop Campus of the State University of Haiti in Limonade. I graduated in 2021.

Why did you choose Agronomy as a career choice?

I come from a rural family where agriculture was my parents' only source of income to support the family. Thus, I grew up with a strong passion for agriculture. Given the difficulties that Haitian agriculture faces day by day, I chose to pursue my career in agronomy to contribute to the revival of Haitian agriculture. Then, to contribute, in my possible way, to the mitigation of global warming which is a serious problem throughout the world.

Why did you choose MFK for your internship?

After finishing my university studies in 2021, I wanted to find an institution to do an internship. After having gathered some information about MFK, both on the internet and by word of mouth, I realized that MFK was the ideal place to start my professional career. That's why I chose the MFK to do this internship.

How did you hear about MFK? What do you know about MFK?

In the years 2010 and 2012, I came across a product called "Plumpy’Nut" being used in my home neighborhood. At the time I had in mind that this product had come from outside. It was in 2017 when a former classmate who was working at MFK told me that Plumpy’Nut is actually an MFK product that is made in Haiti. Then I went on the internet to find out exactly what MFK is.

How is your experience so far?

So far the experience is good. MFK brings me many things such as: Professional rigor, the possibility to apply certain theoretical notions that I saw in class, the means to carry out the work.

What’s your goal for the next the 3 years?

My goal for the next 3 years will be to deepen my knowledge and experience in agronomy for my well-being as well as for society.

What’s one specific goal during your time at MFK?

My goal is to respect my contract with MFK while submitting to the principles and standards of the institution to carry out the internship in the best possible way.

Favorite subject in College? Why?

Normally during my university studies, I did not have a preference for one subject over another. However, there were subjects where I excelled more than the others. Given my experiences on the family farm with my parents, some courses in agriculture seemed easier to me than others.

Favorite Hobby?

My favorite hobby is reading, and watching sporting events.