Agriculture Intern Spotlight: Meet Moncito

November 2, 2021

As part of our agriculture program, MFK provides opportunities for young graduates in Haiti to gain tangible experience in the agronomy field. For the next few months, our intern Moncito will be learning about our research method, farmer training, peanut purchases, and more. We are grateful to have him as part of the team!

Meet Moncito Gachette:

What did you study, and what school did you go to, and when did you graduate?

Agronomy, UPH (Université Polyvalent d’Haiti), I graduated in 2017.

Why did you choose Agronomy as a career choice?

I chose agronomy as a career because I love agriculture. It was my childhood dream because I used to help my grandfather with his farm chores when I was a child.

Why did you choose MFK for your internship?

I chose MFK for my internship because I want to have more knowledge about peanuts and to have more experience.

How did you hear about MFK? What do you know about MFK?

I heard about MFK on social media and via friends. MFK is an NGO which involves peanuts. Meds & Food for Kids is an independent non-profit established in 2003 with the mission to prevent and treat malnutrition in Haiti through the local production and distribution of nutritious foods. 

How is your experience so far?

Until now everything’s gone well, I have participated in all things with the Agricultural Manager. I already know how to make a test of aflatoxin. My experience so far is amazing.

What are your goals for the next the 3 years?

Work at MFK, become a businessman.

What’s one specific goal during your time at MFK?

Have more knowledge about peanuts.

Favorite subject in College? Why?

Soil conservation. I lived in Cap-Haïtien during my university studies, it was bad to see how each time the rain fell, we could see the landslide through the hills. And I knew that without soil conservation we will face erosion. The alarming situation of the land in Haiti hasd given me more desire to focus on soil conservation as best as I can.

Favorite food? 

Rice and beans

Favorite Hobby?

Reading, watching soccer and listening to music.