An Update on Haiti

From MFK Founder & CEO Dr. Pat Wolff
May 1, 2020

MFK has been very busy working through the recent shutdown in Haiti and in the U.S. due to the COVID-19 pandemic. MFK complied with the Haitian government’s order in early April to cease operations at the factory, but was given special permission to resume production the week of April 6th. While operating at a reduced capacity, MFK still produced more than 3,200 boxes of Medika Mamba by the end of the second week. Our employees remain healthy and are taking precautionary measures to ensure we continue to maintain the highest safety and health standards at the factory.

Hope Health Action (HHA), a neighbor of MFK, is currently preparing to open a COVID-19 isolation ward at their hospital. We have been able to assist their efforts by loaning HHA a generator to ensure they will have reliable electricity for powering oxygen concentrators in the unit.

Masks are in short supply globally. Our employees at the factory are required to use them to meet food manufacturing safety standards while producing lifesaving Medika Mamba. To comply with CDC guidance, employees wear masks while being transported to and from work in MFK vehicles each day.

We have been diligently searching for these masks and would like to thank our partner, Greater Goods, for donating 2,000 disposable masks for our factory team.

Additionally, we would  also like to thank long-time MFK supporters, Barb Lind, Rita Struckhoff and Debbie Couri of Women of Milot for sewing washable masks for our team. We are deeply grateful for our partners and friends supporting us during this time. 

We hope your families are safe and healthy as we continue to navigate this pandemic. Our teams in the U.S. and Haiti remain committed to working around the clock to keep our mission moving forward. We could not do this work without the support of our generous donors and friends. Thank you for your support during this time.