Celebrating the Women of MFK’s Nutrition Programs

From MFK Nurse Educator, Magdalla Jacques Borgella
April 13, 2022

In honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month in March, the Meds & Food for Kids nutrition team recognizes the women who make our programs possible. MFK is grateful for the collaboration of our many partners and their teams of strong women– health agents, nurses, and doctors. These women are committed to fighting for the health of the most vulnerable children and women in Haiti, giving them hope for their future.

Health agents help with outreach to find children who would benefit from our programs, and nurses screen children for malnutrition and help enroll them in the program. Daily, they educate parents on treatment and nutrition, take measurements, record weight, and distribute MFK’s Ready-to-Use-Therapeutic Food products according to treatment plans.

One of the women MFK is grateful to partner with is Rose, a nurse at the Bahon clinic malnutrition program. Many years ago, Rose joined with MFK’s nutrition department to collaborate on preventing and treating malnutrition. Every day she fights for the health of the children in the Bahon community, working to decrease malnutrition levels and save more malnourished kids. Rose says "I am happy to be part of this incredible work and hope we will have a new Haiti where the level of malnutrition decreases."