Earthquake Relief Update from MFK

From MFK Interim CEO, Suzanne Langlois
August 27, 2021

On behalf of the MFK staff, board members, and the thousands of Haitian families and children impacted by the work we do, thank you for your concern and support over the last two weeks. UNICEF reports an estimated 650,000 people — including 260,000 children — are in need of food, basic sanitation, hygiene, and water. Over 53,000 homes are estimated to be destroyed, leaving most families no choice but to sleep in the streets. The need in the aftermath of the earthquake and tropical storm is only growing.

Many of the communities in the southern peninsula of Haiti lie in mountainous, remote areas. The landslides and debris resulting from the earthquake and the tropical storm have obstructed the few roads, including Route National #7, which connects the southern cities of Les Cayes and Jeremie, reports Haiti's Civil Protection Agency.

Thanks to your incredible generosity, MFK has been able to supply an initial 150,000 sachets of Plumpy’Doz, our Ready-to-Use Supplementary Food. Plumpy’Doz is formulated to prevent malnutrition in children 6 months and older, and can also be used as a maintenance product for children at risk of falling into more severe malnutrition. It is also suitable as a supplement for people of all ages needing nutritious food in emergency situations, such as the current reality in Haiti.

To ensure our products reach the Haitians who need them, MFK is working directly with the Ministry of Public Health and Population of Haiti (MSPP) for distribution.  We know from our 18 years in Haiti collaborating with them that MSPP has the most established and efficient distribution channels across the country. 

While we hold a place in our hearts for the joy that comes from helping others, we simultaneously remind ourselves that this help will be needed for many months to come.  UNICEF predicts that Haitian children’s susceptibility to malnutrition will increase in the upcoming weeks. We sincerely thank you, very much, for your generosity that enables our team in Cap-Haitien to continue producing our life-saving products.

Mesi Anpil,

Suzanne Langlois

Interim CEO