Farmer Training is Back in Session

From MFK Agronomist and Agricultural Program Manager, James Blanc ‍
April 20, 2022

Meds & Food for Kids’ farmer training session for the 2022 spring season has officially begun. The goal of the program is to disseminate information on best practices for peanut production to local farmers in order to improve their livelihoods. MFK’s training consists of a mixture of focus group discussions and technical in-field activities. This season, another community will be added back per the request of local farmers in the community. The training will now be held in three locations: Welsh, Savane Longue, and Prevoyance.

Welsh is a small community located in Capotille and home to a couple thousand people. This is MFK’s second training group in this community. They have a total of 35 participants, with 24 women and 11 men. This is a very encouraging turnout, especially for the women in the rural communities.

Savane Longue is another small community that will host training sessions. MFK has been hosting trainings in community for over 5 years, and it always amazes us how motivated the community members are to participate. They have a total of 36 participants, 22 women and 14 men.

Finally, Prevoyance is back in the lineup for training sessions. Prevoyance is also a small town in the Ouanaminthe area. MFK has held one training program there in the past, and recently they have asked MFK to bring the training back to their community. They have a total of 31 participants– 20 women and 11 men.

We are excited for the upcoming months of the training season and look forward to instructing the group of over 100 farmers on numerous topics such as soil conservation, erosion, peanut disease, irrigation, post harvest management, and weed management. 

The MFK staff believes that we can make a difference in the lives of many people through this program. For this group of over 100 farmers, they will not only have the opportunity to farm with better understanding of best practices, but also have a chance to become peanut suppliers for MFK’s RUTF manufacturing. They will increase their production as well as their incomes. 

The program would not be possible without the help of generous friends and partners of MFK over the years. Please join us by supporting ONE farmer and make a difference in the lives of a whole household of 6-10 people. If you would like to donate and support local farmers, consider making a donation on our website.