Haitian Independence Day and a Mamba Miracle

From MFK Nurse Educator, Magdalla Jacques Borgella
February 8, 2022

Since 1804, the Haitian people have been celebrating the proclamation of the end of slavery in Haiti on January 1st. Haiti was the first black republic in the world, and the first country to abolish slavery in the Western Hemisphere. Haitians all over the world celebrate this great victory every year. 

Many families organize a special party and invite all family members who are living all over Haiti to come for the holiday. To prepare for the celebration, they make special foods like soup joumou and meat with cassava, and also share their hopes for the New Year. All of the celebrations are to thank our heroes for having sacrificed during the fight for independence. 

As 2022 begins, we reflect on the past year in Haiti and continue to be hopeful for the year ahead. The daily situation in Haiti is not easy – our economy, the state of sanitation, and politics are all complicated. But through it all, the MFK team continues to care for the health of mothers and children through our nutritionprograms, thanks to our generous donors.

One of the women enrolled in MFK's prenatal supplementation program in the Madeline area is Marie-Mercie. She is 30 years old, and a mother of one child. Marie-Mercie was enrolled in the MFK prenatal supplementation program when she was almost five months pregnant, to help her baby grow during pregnancy.

Marie-Mercie is continuing her supplementation and eating 2 sachets of Plumpy'Doz every day which gives her the calories and vitamins needed for her baby’s development. "I am now in my 35th week of pregnancy and looking forward to seeing my baby bornat a normal weight thanks to MFK's product," added Marie-Mercie. 

Marie-Mercie is grateful to all of the people who have played a part in this supplementation program and looks forward to continuing with Plumpy'Doz during her nursing period, which will be great for her baby’s development.