Important Message from our Founder and CEO, Dr. Pat Wolff

April 15, 2020

Dear Friends,

During this uncertain time, I hope this message finds you and your families safe and healthy as we navigate through this pandemic. Our teams in the U.S. and Haiti are working around the clock to keep our mission moving forward. 

Because you are essential partners in MFK’s important mission accomplishments we would like to share with you news about the succession planning initiatives that are currently taking shape at MFK. We are setting the stage for a bright and long future for our operation in Haiti by selecting Kittleman & Associates, a national executive search firm specializing in the recruitment of CEOs for nonprofit organizations, to conduct a search for a new Chief Executive Officer.

I have been delegating and sharing responsibilities, knowledge and skills for several years in Haiti and in the U.S. to prepare for this transition. I will remain involved with the organization, but will be shifting my focus to elective but important activities that have not yet been prioritized because we lacked the bandwidth within MFK.  Please be assured that I am in good health and have planned this transition for 2020. The Board and I have been working in concert on this succession plan and we have every confidence that this process will go smoothly and that MFK will be stronger for it.

Now more than ever, Haiti needs MFK’s products, skills and commitment. The last two years of political turmoil have created a 30% increase in malnutrition in the country even before COVID-19 reared its ugly head. We are very proud of our Haitian staff who continues to produce and distribute our lifesaving products while socially distancing, increasing mask use, transport in an MFK vehicle instead of public transport, and instructing people in their neighborhoods and homes about handwashing, not touching the face, etc.

Soon we will publish a job description and we hope you will send worthy candidates our way. We are confident our next CEO will add more skills, strengthen our efforts in Haiti and lead our team into a new era of progress toward sustainability.

Jeff Klopfenstein, President of our Board of Directors, is leading the search committee and will be communicating updates in the coming months.

Thank you all so much for your continued partnership and commitment to Haiti.

Mesi Anpil,

Patricia B. Wolff, MD

Founder and Chief Executive Officer