Medika Mamba Miracle: Meet Berlanca

From MFK Nurse Educator, Magdalla Jacques Borgella
August 10, 2022

The global malnutrition crisis is more present now than ever, especially in Haiti. The Haitian Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP) has evaluated communities throughout Haiti, and determined many in the south, such as Cité Soleil, to be in a nutritional emergency. MFK has continued to partner with MSPP and donate thousands of boxes of Medika Mamba to save children in these locations from severe malnutrition. As the fight against malnutrition in Haiti carries on, MFK continues to collaborate with the MSPP and our partner clinics to save lives through our malnutrition programs.

One of the children who recently graduated from our malnutrition program is Berlanca. At 5 years old, Berlanca weighed only 18.2 LB. Berlanca's family is living at Bord de mer de Limonade (Seaside Limonade) where malnutrition levels are very high. Berlanca's mother stays at home to care for her 5 children, while Berlanca's father is a fisherman with a small income. 

Berlanca was admitted to our partner clinic in Flamboyant, located in the Limonade community, for severe acute malnutrition. She spent 10 weeks in the outpatient malnutrition program. Upon graduation from the program, Berlanca weighed 22 LB. She looked healthier and happier. She now has the energy to play and enjoy her time with her family and friends which makes her mother very happy.

In collaboration with our partners, MFK is committed to continuing to provide care and Medika Mamba to save the lives of malnourished Haitian children. "We are grateful to MFK for the Medika Mamba donation which gives our child a second chance to survive and smile again,” added Berlanca’s parents.