Medika Mamba Miracle: Meet Cephora

From MFK Nurse Educator, Magdalla Jacques Borgella
July 20, 2021

In Haiti, every single day is a new challenge. We press on even amid the tragedy that we are currently facing. We cannot just hope for a better tomorrow but continue to work hard today, as the Créole proverb says, "pa konte sou demen. (Don't count on tomorrow.) The Haitian health conditions continue to become more complicated every day. As a result, there are more cases of malnourished children as they have very little health support and access to food. MFK's team is always working hard to give a second chance to any child who is sick or malnourished. A sachet of Medika Mamba can make all the difference in saving their life. 

The nutrition team at MFK is dedicated to the mission and committed to following up with all the partner clinics consistently every month. This results in many important findings on the success of nutrition education classes, health screenings, malnutrition prevention, and the treatment of children who are malnourished. In addition, the team follows up with clinics involved with the prenatal program-- checking in on the supplementation of pregnant and nursing women, as well as the evaluation and training of nurses and health agents to keep their health knowledge up to date.

Our partner clinic New Hope Hospital is located in the Plaine-du-Nord community in Northern, Haiti. MFK works with New Hope Hospital by providing Medika Mamba donations to treat malnutrition and operate the malnutrition program. The nurse and health agents who run the weekly program also organize one big children's screening day every month. They have adopted many practices to ensure the people understand the important health and nutritional topics to prevent malnutrition and feed their children properly. They are committed “to educate and screen as many children as possible to decrease malnutrition levels in Plaine du Nord". 

One of the children in the community the program had a part in helping was Cephora. Cephora was recently treated for severe acute malnutrition at Profamille, another MFK clinic partner, located in Cap-Haitien at Fort St-Michel. Every Friday their clinic nurse runs the malnutrition program in partnership with MFK. 

At 7 months old and just 6.6 lbs, Cephora was admitted for severe acute malnutrition with diarrhea, fever, and no appetite. Cephora's mother was very worried about her baby. Cephora's mom came to Profamille’s clinic with her baby for screening at the advice of a neighbor. At the first assisted education session, Kinderlie, Cephora's Mother, realized that she misunderstood many things on how to properly feed her baby girl. Cephora received the nutrition treatment and liked how Medika Mamba tasted. After spending 12 weeks in the malnutrition program, she was discharged at a healthier weight of 13.2 lbs. 

"My baby girl's face and health were transformed, she looks like a different girl-- energized, full of joy, and playful. She can sit up on her own while she will be able to grow up healthier thanks to MFK’s Medika Mamba that we are so grateful for," added Kinderlie.