Medika Mamba Miracle: Meet Neisa

From MFK Nurse Educator, Magdalla Jacques Borgella
June 8, 2022

Thanks to MFK’s local manufacturing of Medika Mamba, children struggling with severe malnutrition in the Bahon community have received a second chance to thrive.

Eighteen-month-old Neisa had become sick with edema, a fever and a cough. Neisa’s family was very worried about her deteriorating health.

A neighbor advised Neisa's mother to take her to the local clinic for an examination. At the clinic, she was quickly referred to the malnutrition program. Neisa spent three weeks in inpatient care and an additional three weeks as an outpatient in Bahon's malnutrition program to take care of her illness. 

All of Neisa’s family is grateful to MFK for saving her life. Her mother wishes this miracle product will continue to be available to save more Haitian children in the future. She added "I had lost hope for my baby girl's life because her health was very complicated with an illness that I did not understand if there was treatment for. But, God had put one of my neighbors to help me to get a better way to treat my baby. Thanks to everyone who has been a part of saving my baby's life. ”