MFK Staff Spotlight: Meet Girane

June 6, 2023

Girane ("Gigi") joined the MFK Haiti team in January as Nutrition Nurse Educator, and is transforming futures by sharing her expertise with partner clinics throughout Northern Haiti.

Gigi became a nurse in 2019 after graduating from University in Cap-Haitien. She is driven by helping people, especially innocent kids, and learning from the mothers she meets at the clinics.

Each week, Gigi visits at least 3 area clinics where she assesses children for acute malnutrition, who are enrolled in MFK's Medika Mamba program to receive weekly RUTF treatments for 8-12 weeks.  Twins Ezechiel and Esai recently graduated from the Medika Mamba program after being treated by Gigi:

"They were perfectly healthy babies, until 3 months ago when their mother noticed some changes; they stopped breastfeeding, weighed less, and she became scared when their skin started to get shiny with edema on their arms and legs.  The mother shared her worries with a neighbor, who advised her to visit one of MFK's partner clinics.  The twins were admitted to the program, and are now much healthier because of the RUTF and advice given to their mother."

Gigi thanks our donors and supporters for their role in saving lives:
"Without your support, we would have so many more children dying, not having an opportunity to have a future.  Thank you for supporting MFK."