MFK to Resume Search for New CEO

August 13, 2020

Dear Friends, 

Last week, we informed you about the selection of my successor, Vanessa Charlot. After further discussion with Vanessa, she feels that there is a different role at MFK which better suits her goals and ours. Vanessa is committed to championing MFK’s vision and mission by using her public profile as a documentary photographer to elevate our cause. She will volunteer her photography and expertise to support MFK’s strategic communication, marketing, and fundraising efforts through visual storytelling and compelling media narratives.

Please rest assured that I will continue in my role as MFK’s CEO and that my passion for MFK’s mission is unwavering. The MFK Board and I are fully committed to the CEO search continuing. We are confident Kittleman & Associates is the firm that will lead MFK to the right candidate. 

Effective immediately, we are reopening the search for my successor. The CEO role is challenging and requires deep dedication to MFK’s mission, the willingness to commit very long hours to MFK’s life-saving work, hands-on leadership of the factory in Haiti as well as of the administrative staff in the U.S., while maintaining relationships with relevant stakeholders around the world. The position description has been reposted online.

The St. Louis and Haiti staff continue to work hard during this time and are fully supportive of the selection committee’s efforts. Thank you for your continued support and know we could not do our important work in Haiti without you.

Mesi Anpil, 

Patricia B. Wolff, M.D.

Founder and CEO

Meds & Food for Kids