Moving Forward: an Update from the CEO

From Meds & Food for Kids CEO, Chris Greene
August 31, 2022

The global pandemic has brought into stark relief how closely intertwined our lives are with those in other countries and other continents. 

It seems like yesterday that I was working at the factory in Cap-Haïtien. In reality it was three years ago. So much has happened in our world and at Meds & Food for Kids since 2019. The challenges that we have all faced together in the past 3 years have revealed that our worlds are not that different. Disease, unrest, political turmoil, inflation - these are things that we all relate to, a fight we are in together. 

It is the reality that we have embraced for more than 20 years at Meds & Food for Kids.  We have long practiced the concept that “all ships rise on a high-tide” and that healthy individuals create healthy communities. Lasting change doesn’t happen any other way - it is only when families are whole that communities can be healthy. 

To make this reality possible, it requires a committed group of volunteers and MFK staff, and I couldn’t ask for a better team than the one we have - they are resilient, innovative and relentless in our fight against severe malnutrition. Meds & Food for Kids is the only organization in the world that has joined the fight on every front - from working with farmers to grow peanuts, to producing life saving products in Haiti, to working with mothers to save the life of their toddlers - In this war to end malnutrition, our team is in the trenches every day.  

With this in mind, I’m excited about the possibilities of expanding Meds & Food for Kids’ impact even further, both in Haiti and around the world. We recently added Ghana as one of the countries to benefit from Medika Mamba, now making 17 countries globally that we serve. With UNICEF’s new commitment to increasing access to Ready-To-Use Foods, we are likewise increasing our production to help more people.

With our partners, supporters and funders, we are moving forward urgently and I look forward to reporting about this growth shortly.  In the meantime, many thanks to all of you who are part of the Meds & Food for Kids team!