New Year, Same Mission

From MFK Nurse Educator, Magdalla Jacques Borgella
October 19, 2021

MFK is celebrating the new year-- fiscal new year, that is. Like many organizations, our fiscal year runs from October to September. With the start of each year comes evaluations on the previous year and setting goals for the next. MFK is committed to investing in the achievement of its mission and vision by saving the lives of vulnerable people while producing Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) and supplementation products every single day. Thanks to generous donations, MFK clinic partners have saved the lives of many children and mothers throughout Haiti during a particularly difficult year. We are very thankful to everyone who contributed to achieving our mission over the past year and hope in the next we will only continue to reduce the level of malnutrition in Haiti. MFK will continue to produce and distribute Mamba Janm and Medika Mamba to prevent and treat children and mothers, and train more medical teams on the malnutrition protocol of the Ministry of Public Health and Population of Haiti (MSPP).

MFK supports seventeen local clinics by providing and delivering products for programs each week. In the past year, MFK's Nurse Educator trained a total of sixty-one nurses and health agents to assure the malnutrition and nursing supplementation programs were able to provide the best care possible. These education sessions give knowledge and skills for those who attended to be confident in their care while working in accordance with the malnutrition protocol of the Ministry of Public Health and Population of Haiti (MSPP). Meds & Food for Kids is very grateful for the work done by the nurses from partner clinics over the past year.

Phedeline Bien-Aimé is a registered nurse at the Pro-Famille clinic, one of the partner clinics located in the Fort St-Michel area. Phedeline has been engaged in the fight against malnutrition since March 2019. When she started in the program it was almost non-existent, but thanks to her work plan it became very successful in the Fort St-Michel area. At the time she started with the clinic there was only one child actively in the program, but in just one month she had admitted more than fifty moderate and severely malnourished children to the program. Every week, Phedeline goes to Fort St-Michel areas, specifically near the sea where there are many malnourished children. Every Friday, the day parents have appointments in the clinic, and she organizes an education session on nutritional topics which are very important in preventing malnutrition and diseases due to malnutrition.

''Thanks to MFK, I have knowledge and skills in the MSPP malnutrition protocol which makes me very happy. It's a very great experience for my nursing career. I was so excited to attend the day so I could be trained by MFK's nutrition department before starting this amazing role in saving desperately hungry and sick children with MFK's Medika Mamba. It was my first experience running the malnutrition program. It's my dream to take part in this great fight against malnutrition in my country. Before starting, I visited and spoke with the families and invited them to the clinics for screening. I am enjoying seeing malnourished children saved from malnutrition after receiving Medika Mamba. Thanks to MFK, malnourished children in the Fort St. Michel area will have a second chance to survive while hoping that partnership will be in the future" Phedeline shared.