Nutrition Spotlight: Our Partner Nurses

From MFK Nurse Educator, Magdalla Jacques Borgella
May 25, 2022

This month we are celebrating the hard work of our amazing nutrition program nurses! May 12th was International Nurses Day, which commemorates the birth of modern nursing in the early 1800s. The day serves to highlight the important role nurses fulfill in health care. Meds & Food for Kids is grateful to all the nurses who take part in accomplishing its mission to decrease malnutrition and nourish Haitian children.

More than 20 nurses are currently working to prevent and treat malnutrition through MFK’s programs at partner clinics. MFK provides Medika Mamba to these programs and trains the nurses on skills and proper protocol to run the malnutrition programs in the clinics. 

Yvane Louis (pictured left) is one of the Haitian nurses who has partnered with MFK's nutrition department. She has worked with our team since 2017 to treat malnourished children through a partner clinic that MFK supports. MFK is grateful to Yvane for the hard work and empathy she demonstrates in screening children for malnutrition, leading education sessions for parents to know how to feed their children and prevent malnutrition, and following the MSPP (Ministry of Public Health and Population) malnutrition protocol.

Yvane shared "I am grateful to MFK and for being a part in treating children and preventing malnutrition. Thanks to MFK, I have skills in managing malnutrition treatment. My experience teaches me that investing in malnutrition programs is the greatest thing we can do because we work on decreasing the levels of death in children due to malnutrition. Medika Mamba is a miracle treatment to save malnourished children's lives.”