Staying the Course

"Perspective informs our understanding during uncertain times. When Pat called me yesterday morning, she had one message: Haiti is resilient. As we continue to carry out MFK’s incredible mission that she started many years ago, I share with you a letter from our founder, and hope you find in it the same inspiration we do." - Susanne Langlois, Interim CEO
July 8, 2021

Dear Friends of MFK and Haiti,

The Haitian President’s assassination was a tragedy, and we grieve with the people of Haiti.  MFK nevertheless remains optimistic about the future of Haiti, and is committed to the voiceless people of Haiti who have nowhere else to live, few opportunities for employment and not enough food for their children.

Since I first visited Haiti in 1988 there has been much turmoil, many natural disasters and ongoing political change. But everything (except Mother Nature) has improved in these last 33 years. Because of the resilience and hard work of Haitians, MFK is optimistic about the future. Today we are continuing to produce Medika Mamba in our factory and keeping our eyes on the security situation to be certain that all of our employees are safe. Luckily, we are situated far from the chaos of Port au Prince.

More than ever, Haiti needs our support and partnership. And more than ever,  MFK needs your support and partnership so that we can continue to fulfill our mission to save lives and help build a better future. Thank you all for your compassionate concern and support of Haiti’s poorest people.

As they say in Haiti “Kenbe fem.” Stay the course, stay strong.

With much gratitude,

Pat Wolff
Founder, Senior Advisor