Update on Haiti

From MFK Founder & CEO, Dr. Patricia Wolff
April 3, 2020

Things in Haiti are changing rapidly, as in the rest of the world. But, we have some positive and encouraging news to share.

The Prime Minister of Haiti has asked all factories producing medical products to resume production. MFK falls into this category, as we produce lifesaving Medika Mamba. MFK plans to restart production on Monday, April 6 for one shift per day. Many precautions are planned for safe transportation, safe entry and a safe work environment at the factory inHaiti. Our team wants to be able to produce more Medika Mamba for Haitian use and global use. We are constantly monitoring the health of our employees and the safety of their environment and will do what we need to do to protect them.

We have always used masks for food safety but now we also use them for COVID-19 safety. Because of a worldwide shortage of disposable masks, Barb Lind and Rita Struckhoff, of St. Louis have stepped up to sew washable masks for our workers. Also, Women of Milot , a social enterprise which employs Haitian seamstresses to make beautiful totes and small bags for tourists at a living wage, has offered to sew and donate 100 washable masks to MFK’s workers. A BIG THANK YOU to Barb, Rita and Deborah Couri, Founder and CEO of Women of Milot.

Although the airports and land border crossings are closed, the seaports are still open for import and export. This is an essential lifeline for the Haitian people for daily food and medical supplies.

The COVID-19 cases are slowly increasing, day by day. From the U.S. experience, we know what this means and we are vigilant about best practices to decrease the possibility of employee-to-employee transmission.

MFK continues to supply lifesaving Medika Mamba to clinics in Haiti and to UNICEF for export to African countries.

Patricia B. Wolff

Founder & CEO