You Can Help Save Children During the Pandemic

July 24, 2020

Haiti reported its first case of COVID-19 in March. The potential huge impact of this pandemic in Haiti, a country with crowded conditions in housing, public transportation, and food markets, has stressed the people and systems of Haiti even more. Haiti is also without a sophisticated healthcare system, leaving its people to care for themselves. Initially, the President of Haiti shut down airports, factories, and schools to prevent the spread of the virus. In early April, the Prime Minister asked that all factories producing essential goods resume production and on April 14th, MFK resumed production of its lifesaving Medika Mamba.

MFK is committed to producing lifesaving nutritious foods for use locally and globally through export, while continuing to protect our workers and monitor their health. But, we need your help. As the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases rise in Haiti, the number of malnutrition cases will continue to rise as well. We also know that the last 18 months of social unrest has already resulted in a 30% rise in malnutrition in Haiti. As we expand our reach and go further into rural areas, we find more children in need of Medika Mamba.

Our mission is not changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Children like Mila and Wilson need your help now more than ever. We continue to work with our partners to find and treat Haitian children in desperate need of our help. Your support enables us to step in to treat children who have no other hope.

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