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MFK Nurse Education Day

“What we learn with pleasure we never forget.” This inspiring quote kept coming to the forefront of my mind during the MFK nurse’s education day on December 5th. Eighteen nurses, most traveling for hours to attend, came together for discussion, learning, and comradery. They arrived early, eager to learn. We gathered in the conference room of the MFK factory, and each nurse introduced themselves, and the clinic where she works.

Then the real work began with a surprise pop quiz! The giggles and groans that came with its announcement is a reaction that must be universal, but our Haitian nurse educators, Roudelyne and Magdalla, were quick to assure them that it wasn’t to be formally graded, nor excessively difficult. Rather, it was a tool to gauge the information the nurses were already working with and the effectiveness of the training upon completion.

January 3, 2020